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May 2018 TECHNOLOGY IN LOYALTY Customer Experience, Quantum Computing, Digital Loyalty and Machine Learning

COLLOQUY recently conducted a reader survey to better understand our audience’s interests and consumption habits. Thanks to your responses, we’re excited to introduce a new and improved publishing format — a single monthly newsletter designed to cut back on your email clutter and offer valuable insights into themes that are highly relevant to the worlds of customer loyalty, customer experience and the shopper journey.

This first edition centers on technology in loyalty, a subject near and dear to our collective hearts and wallets. We’ve tapped some of the brightest minds across the industry to offer their take on how technology is impacting retail today, as well as a few areas that could be critical to success in the future.

This includes insight into what mature-market retailers can learn from their risk-taking, technologically sophisticated emerging-market counterparts and the inside scoop on a U.S. grocer’s first-ever digitally enabled loyalty program experience. We also take a close look at two daunting, yet important emerging technologies: machine learning and quantum computing.

Going forward, the COLLOQUY Newsletter will go out to our readers in lieu of our quarterly magazine and biweekly newsletter and eBlast. Of course, all of our previously published articles, research and industry studies will still be available on

Thanks for your continued support!

Sheila Murray

Editor-in-Chief, COLLOQUY