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July 2017 Technology and the Customer Journey

New advances in technology are debuting at lightning speed. But do they create a fundamentally better experience for your customers?

Change is happening all around us, and at an astounding pace. In the loyalty industry, transformation is the name of the game, and it's about so much more than just loyalty. The Summer 2017 issue of COLLOQUY offers viewpoints, proof points and expertise that explore everything from the traditional arena of loyalty marketing to the entire customer journey. Our cover story, "Technology and the Customer Journey," examines how to avoid chasing new technology for its own sake and instead pursue changes that create a fundamentally better experience for customers. And throughout this issue, we extend our focus beyond the traditional, taking a new look at everything from short-term rewards promotions to off-price retail to the benefit of shoppers who actually bother to complain – and much more. The goal is to discover, and share, deeper insights about consumer behavior at every step of the way. 

Inside this issue: