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About CrowdTwist

CrowdTwist provides the most comprehensive multichannel loyalty and analytics solutions for industry leading brands such as Pepsi, Purina, VIZIO, Zumiez, and others. Its software helps marketers build more profitable and active relationships with customers, delivers a deeper understanding of how customers engage across channels, and drives a measurable increase in high value behaviors and spend. Founded in 2009, CrowdTwist is based in New York City's Silicon Alley.


Scott Matthews is CEO of CrowdTwist, a provider of multichannel loyalty and analytics solutions that drive customer engagement and incremental spend. He oversees CrowdTwist’s growth strategies and is responsible for sustaining the company’s high level of client service. Before joining CrowdTwist, Scott served as CEO of WebCollage for four years. In 2013, he sold the company to Answers and became General Manager of Answers Syndication. Scott also participated in the sale of Answers to APAX, a large private equity firm based in NYC. Scott has more than 20 years of experience working at high tech companies and small SaaS early-stage companies, which include Siebel Systems, Optum, Interworld, and Secure Computing.

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