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PERCS members are rewarded two ways: Begin using Status PERCS for accessory and shipping discounts as soon as sign up, plus PERCS Points for simple activities, like engaging in social media or paying bills online. PERCS Points can be redeemed for discounts, gift cards and more. Active PERCS members can save an average of $300 per year based on combined average savings of the top 1000 point-earning members and the top 1000 Status accounts. PERCS Points and Status Levels have no cash or cash-convertible value.

Members may be upgraded to higher tiers (Plus, Priority, Premier and Elite) depending on their tenure. Each tier comes with an elevated set of perks including discounts on device upgrades, accessories, shipping and a premium collection of accessories. PERCS members may also share their points with other members or donate their points to a charity associated with the Percs with a Purpose initiative.

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