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West Milford Nonprofit to Launch Local Savings Card

May 8, 2015

The Highlands Economic Development and Tourism Corp. (HEAT), a nonprofit organization in West Milford, New Jersey, announced the launch of a savings card program, allowing local shoppers to earn discounts at West Milford businesses.

The Highlands Savings Card, which will launch this fall, allows customers to earn discounts simply by presenting their card at checkout at participating West Milford businesses.

Each card will feature a QR code. Once the code is scanned with a smartphone, users can see a directory of participating merchants as well as search goods and services by category.

"We've searched for a while now for a way to direct our residents back to the businesses run by their neighbors, but everything we found had problems of one sort or another," said Tim Wagner, HEAT chairman and town council candidate. "The Highlands Savings Card is designed to provide residents a great reason to shop local, while providing merchants a simple, inexpensive way to reach their best customers."