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The Tea Spot Launches Customer Loyalty Program

September 25, 2014

Online retailer of tea and tea accessories, The Tea Spot, will launch a customer-loyalty program which, as the company reports, is “just in time for tea season.”

The program will roll out in October to coincide with the launch of the retailers new website. It is intended to motivate customers to participate and engage with the brand, with points being rewarded for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. Members can also earn points for every qualifying purchase, writing product reviews on the site and signing up for the email newsletter.

“The new loyalty program offers new ways to say ‘Thanks’ to those customers who engage with us on social media and who take the time to write thoughtful product reviews,” Jessica Kochik, chief marketing officer for The Tea Spot, said in a press release. “This type of community building and customer feedback is critical to continually improving our products and online shopping experience, and is highly anticipated by our customer service team.”

Source: The Tea Spot