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Survey Benchmarks Loyalty Marketing in Turkey

April 17, 2015

Turkish consumers’ expectations of loyalty-rewards programs are not so different from those in other parts of the world: They want unbeatable sales, surprising benefits and flexible rewards.

A new study by Istanbul-based Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Agency says it is Turkey’s first loyalty-programs research. Over a two-month period, Ketchup surveyed 105 loyalty-marketing operators from a variety of industry sectors, as well as 600 consumers.

The grocery sector was by far the most popular among consumers, with 70% of those surveyed saying they were enrolled in such a program and 28% saying they “can’t give up” that membership. That was the highest-performing sector in each of those measures.

Turkish Loyalty Infographic

Social media is the most effective way to communicate with Turkish loyalty members, with 60% saying that’s most often the source of their information about programs to which they belong. TV commercials are the next most effective communication tool, with 48% of respondents saying that’s how they stay up to date.

Half of surveyed consumers are happy with their loyalty memberships, with 37% saying they’re “satisfied” and 13% “very satisfied.” And 74% say those loyalty programs motivate them to buy.

As for the loyalty operators, most say they are happy with the effectiveness of their programs: 74% say brand awareness has risen as a result, 64% say the programs have affected profitability and 55% say sales have risen among existing customers. However, 57% of them say the cost of customer acquisition is high.

Source: Ketchup Loyalty Marketing Agency