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Retailers Report Increase in Customer Loyalty After Personalizing Program Features

December 12, 2014

From exclusivity to personalized product information, CrowdTwists' ebook of 25 loyalty stats highlights a variety of consumer preferences.

Getting personal is a pretty clear path to getting results in the world of loyalty programs. More than half of retailers surveyed, 55 percent, reported an increase in customer loyalty after they added personalized features in their marketing strategies.

Personalization also drives traffic to retailers’ websites, which increases sales, according to a research report by CrowdTwist. Retailers can add the personal touch in a variety of ways, including cross-selling based on previous purchases or making specific offers tailored to customers’ interests.

In fact, customers seem to crave variety in this area: Of those who have experienced personalized offers in loyalty programs, 67% prefer personalized coupons, 62% favor customized offers or promotions and 58% enjoy product recommendations.

Other findings of the CrowdTwist research report, 25 Loyalty and Engagement Stats You Need to Know, which was gleaned from a variety of research and statistics sources:

  • Of the 32% of shoppers who said their loyalty to a retailer had increased in the last year, 23% credited a loyalty program for the increase. 
  • Consumers like exclusivity: 56.8% are more likely to participate in loyalty programs if they’ll get perks like VIP status, backstage passes or autographed merchandise.

Source: CrowdTwist