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Expedia Launches Expedia+ Business

May 8, 2015, a full service online travel site, launched Expedia+ business, a loyalty program to help small businesses save money and reward employees for business travel.

Expedia+ business provides small businesses with a travel site, through which they can view employee itineraries, monitor spending and manage company rewards. 

Enrolled member companies and their employees are automatically upgraded to +silver tier, which includes access to perks such as priority customer service and free hotel amenities at more than 900 +VIP Access hotels.

Expedia+ business also allows companies to earn a $100 hotel coupon for every 10 hotel nights booked, including those booked in the Expedia app. The company can use the coupons immediately, save them for future travel or give them to employees for personal leisure travel.

"The total U.S. online travel market is a $145 billion business and unmanaged business travel makes up roughly 25% of that, which is a $36 billion opportunity," said David Doctorow, chief marketing & strategy officer and SVP, global marketing, Expedia. "Small businesses are looking for clarity when it comes to travel, and this program provides it. Expedia+ business offers tools that are typically reserved for much larger businesses, at no cost. This is especially important as businesses are looking for smarter ways to position themselves competitively and manage their bottom line."

Source: PR Newswire