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Alliance Data’s Now, New, Next Trends Report Offers a Preview of 2018

By COLLOQUY Staff on December 12, 2017

Alliance Data’s third annual Now, New, Next Trends Report takes a close look at the major changes taking place across the retail industry and offers readers a forecast of the top 10 trends expected to have the biggest impact in 2018.


Today’s consumers expect more than ever before from retailers, from new experiences to personal connections and instant gratification. These demands are the catalyst for major shifts in the retail landscape. The brands reacting most quickly to that change are forcing competitors to adapt … and in some cases to even join forces.

This month, Alliance Data released the company’s third annual Now, New, Next Trends Report, which takes a close look at all of this change and provides a forecast of the top 10 trends expected to have the greatest impact on the retail industry in 2018. It’s a great read for understanding the shifts across the industry, but more importantly, it also provides valuable advice on how to focus resources to adapt to evolving customer expectations. A sampling of the Now, New and Next insights from the report:

  • NOW: Purpose-driven partnerships. Brands have been using collaborations to adapt in the ever-shifting retail landscape. Now, they’re forming sometimes surprising alliances with the goal of creating exclusive benefits and long-term value for demanding consumers.
  • NEW: Predictive everything. To deliver deeply personalized messaging, offers and experiences, brands are enhancing the way they collect and use data, analytics and insights by leveraging predictive modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • NEXT: Connected environments. The physical and digital worlds are becoming more integrated, bringing the future of retail to the present. It’s all about seamlessly connecting multiple devices, environments and technologies to what’s happening “in real life” to create an intensely immersive brand experience.

Download the full report HERE.