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How VIZIO Connects the Dots Between Marketing Campaigns with Multichannel Loyalty

Online Webinar

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Savvy brands like VIZIO are taking a new approach to high-investment seasonal campaigns. Rather than launching campaigns to drive short-term results, the electronics brand is using the power and reach of its multichannel loyalty program to amplify its marketing campaign investment. These now-connected campaigns act as vehicles to continue nurturing consumers and engage further with the brand between considered purchases.

In this webinar, learn how VIZIO taps into its existing base of loyal customers and incentivizes them to engage in and spread the word about seasonal initiatives. Take away strategies on how the brand leverages multichannel loyalty to secure greater participation in tentpole events, keep consumers engaged between campaigns, and drive better bottom-line results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• Why campaign integration is essential to customer activity and engagement
• How VIZIO plans its marketing calendar to keep loyalty members engaged
• How campaigns encourage Word-of-Mouth and drive new member acquisition
• Key strategies to fuel participation in brand campaigns

Presenting the webinar are Lily Knowles, Vice President of Product Marketing at Vizio, and Dennis Tze, Chief Revenue Officer at CrowdTwist.

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Online Webinar

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