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Taking Loyalty Analytics to the Next Level with Loyalty Compass

Online Webinar

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Despite the significant investments in loyalty, only 16% of brands believe their loyalty programs are meeting their full potential. Part of the problem is that strategic decisions around loyalty are based largely on basic metrics such as frequency of purchases, enrollment rates, and points redeemed.

With limited resources for analytical work, disparate customer databases, and an unclear measurement strategy it’s easy to get stuck looking at the basics. However, to truly gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives and impact on customer behaviour, successful loyalty measurement requires much more than transactional data.  

Go Beyond the Basics

With a clear measurement strategy and the right measurement tools in place you’ll be able to:

  • Pinpoint problem areas and make educated course corrections in real-time
  • Identify how your loyalty program measures up to the competition
  • Save time and money by freeing up analytical resources 

Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday May 25th as our LoyaltyOne Consulting team, shares:  

  • The main roadblocks to proper loyalty measurement today,
  • How to enhance your reporting structure to free up analytical resources and take your loyalty strategy to the next level, and
  • An introduction to our Loyalty Compass tool which provides:
    • In-depth analysis at customer segment levels
    • Built-in industry benchmarks to differentiate your value proposition
    • Prescribed reports with endless views of your data for improved visibility

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Online Webinar

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