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2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census Webinar


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The 2015 edition of the COLLOQUY Loyalty Census once again delivers the insights and identifies the trends on which marketing professionals have come to rely. The latest report reveals a 26% increase in the number of U.S. loyalty program memberships, while spotlighting a troubling slip in actual program participation. It discloses which retail category for the first time counts more members than airline frequent flyer programs, and which retail sector has achieved an amazing 88% growth in just the past two years. 

Join COLLOQUY Research Director Jeff Berry and Editor-at-Large Dennis Armbruster as they share the latest statistics and implications across traditional and emerging industries, from travel to daily deal sites. In one information-packed hour, we’ll answer today’s hottest marketing questions including: 

  • How many loyalty programs does the average household belong to and participate in? 
  • What are the total memberships of U.S. and Canadian loyalty programs, and how do they compare to previous years? 
  • Winners and losers – which loyalty sectors are on the rise and which are declining? 
  • What are the leading trends in Canadian loyalty? How do U.S. and Canadian data compare? 
  • How can marketers use the 2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census findings to increase customer engagement and improve loyalty? 

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