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September 2014

New Program to Watch

The Goal

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 established a value-based purchasing program that hold back $1.65 billion in hospital reimbursements each year, which hospitals can earn back through the achievement of specific performance objectives. Hospitals must improve patient satisfaction levels and overall outcomes or suffer the consequences of reduced reimbursements and the public posting of subpar quality scores online.

To help hospitals manage this new environment, nSynch, a patent-pending mobile app developed by Rain Nation, captures the voice of the patient in real-time and escalates care intervention opportunities when patient satisfaction levels are in jeopardy.

The Initiative

Launched in June 2014, the nSynch patient experience platform acknowledges patients are still consumers with specific needs and the growing ability to pick and choose their healthcare providers.

As the power shift from providers to patients continues, the compounding market forces of consumerism, regulation, outcome-based payments and elevated “patient experience” expectations challenge traditional engagement methods and thinking for healthcare providers.

The nSynch approach captures patient satisfaction in real-time, giving hospitals the opportunity to intervene if necessary to improve patient experiences, elevate Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) results and create loyal brand advocates. Downloaded and installed on the patient’s device, the app works in clinic, hospital or home settings to surveys patients about their experiences and satisfaction levels throughout their treatment. The app automatically issues alerts to designated hospital staff when corrective actions or interventions are needed.

The nSynch mobile app empowers the patient to improve the level of care, equips healthcare providers with early intervention tools, and enhances engagement to generate better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

With nSynch, Rain Nation has transferred established engagement techniques from other business-to-consumer industries into the healthcare segment, employing personalization, real-time analytics, rules-based control and process-enabled visibility. The platform also allows hospitals to extend patient engagement through content, email opt-ins, event registrations and social groups.

The Results

Available for use in hospital, clinic and in-home care settings, the nSynch patient experience platform and has generated considerable interest in the market.