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March 2014

Loyalty Program to Watch

The Goal

The average North American household is enrolled in 22 loyalty program, according to COLLOQUY research. With the competition for consumer participation escalating, MoPals entered with one of the world’s first crowdsourced loyalty program. Its reward incentives were designed to go beyond in-store purchases to establish a community-driven platform that aims to reward its members according to their brand ambassadorship via social media.

The Initiative

Launched in December 2013, the MoPals beta program rewards community members for making purchases at participating businesses and engaging in a range of social media activities that enhance brand value.

MoPals offers a cost-effective means for small- and medium-sized businesses to go mobile. With a selection of fully automated tools, MoPals provides these companies the flexibility and freedom to control their own marketing efforts. They can create offers, manage content and gain exposure through promotions based on consumer purchase history and personal preferences.

MoPals’ partner businesses reward members with MoCoins, the company’s digital rewards currency, in four distinct stages.

  1. Before the cash register: for checking in to participating businesses using the MoPals mobile app and sharing offers;
  2. At the cash register: with bonus rewards by simply scanning the QR code on the receipt;
  3. After the cash register: for digital word-of-mouth, social media engagement and brand ambassadorship through activities like writing business reviews, sharing offers, “liking” a business and sharing photos and videos; and
  4. Building community: for engaging with and helping grow the MoPals community, which includes participating in polls, surveys, reporting bugs and for referring friends to sign up with MoPals.

The Results

As a start-up, Mopals has not generated results it can share. Its beta site ( has been launched with significant traffic and initial interest. The roll-out will continue and grow through 2014 as tech-savvy consumers adopt the technology and begin enjoying the program benefits.