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September 2012

Loyalty Innovation in Other Industries, North America

The Initiative

SCENE is a movie and entertainment loyalty partnership between Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment. The program’s core target is 18- to 34-year-old socially-active adults, and 14- to 17-year-old future adults. For loyalty programs, one barrier to entry for all demographics is that prospects do not want to carry yet another card in their wallet. Another issue is that existing members, particularly youth, tend to forget their card at home. SCENE had been relying on online and bank channels for member acquisition but decided to try a mobile option. SCENE hoped to bring existing members a mobile SCENE card, and to increase enrollments from non-members in-theater.

Cineplex Entertainment was already building a mobile app focusing on movie showtimes, trailers and mobile ticket purchases. To capitalize on Cineplex traffic and promotions, SCENE collaborated to build a section on the Cineplex app rather than building a stand-alone loyalty app. Four versions of the app were built: iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

The SCENE app has two core pieces of functionality: the ability for members to retrieve their SCENE barcode, and the ability for potential members to enroll and have instant access. Once the card is added into the app, it works just like the plastic card members bring the barcode up on the phone, and scan it at point-of-sale to earn or redeem points and to get a member-exclusive discount on movie snacks. Or members can purchase movie tickets right from the app, and earn bonus SCENE points. The mobile SCENE card was promoted through email, SMS and social media, and on SCENE’s online and mobile websites.

The Results

The primary objective of the mobile card was to acquire new members, and 10% of new members were mobile enrollments. Within six months, mobile acquisitions represented 17% of monthly acquisitions, and that rate was sustained for four months. Even better, these enrollments did not come at the expense of other acquisition channels, as the number of new members entering the program overall increased 30% year-over-year. In 12 months, 22% of eligible members added their SCENE card to the app.

Voice of the Voters:

  • “Another great example from SCENE on how to engage young adults and drive results. Good understanding and systematic cultivation of what COLLOQUY calls the Relationship Chain.”
  • “A good match of tech with the target audience.”

COLLOQUY Interview with SCENE (Shawn Bloom)