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May 2015

Subscription Programs/Club

The Goal

Jet Insider is a rewards initiative introduced to build buzz for the summer 2015 launch of, a membership-based e-commerce platform that claims it will use a dynamic pricing algorithm to offer prices 10% to 15% lower than anywhere else, including Amazon.

The social-referral Jet Insider campaign set three goals: introduce new customers to Jet, fuel prelaunch excitement and build a unique campaign to reward early adopters. 

The Initiative

To earn a spot in line to access at its launch, customers signed up with their email addresses and received a free six-month membership ($25 value) and a referral code to share with others and move up in the Jet Insider rankings. The website helped users blast friends with a promotional message about Jet Insider via email, Facebook and Twitter.

As Jet Insider users informed friends, they unlocked additional perks such as early access for the Top 100,000 referrers. Additional tiers were built in to create a sense of competition: The Top 10,000 referrers earned a free year’s membership; the Top 1,000, a free five-year membership; the Top 100 referrers, a lifetime membership.

The Top 10 referrers received 10,000 shares each of Jet stock options, with the No. 1 referrer earning an additional 90,000 shares – for a total of 100,000 shares.

Experiences also were built in to the Jet Insider program to generate a sense of urgency: Users were frequently notified of their ranks, the total number of signups they’d generated and a countdown clock of time left in the competition. Each time a user jumped in rank, she received a status-update email. 

The Results

Jet Insider enrolled 352,000 people in 73 days. Those in the Top 100 referred more than 70,000 people, and the No. 1 member referred nearly 8,000 people. Jet also used social media to raise awareness, but more than 50% of signups came through referrals.

The Jet Insider program was covered extensively in the national media, including in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNN Money, Business Insider and more. A cadre of 10,000 beta-testers began using in early May, and the site heads into its expected mid-June full launch with significant word-of-mouth interest generated by Jet Insider.