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July 2014

Program Relaunch

The Goal

While AMC Theatres’ established loyalty program, MovieWatcher, enjoyed success, after 19 years it was in need of an overhaul. AMC tasked itself with creating a program that rewards guests for their behaviors while providing more flexible and compelling benefits to further enhance brand engagement. That program, launched in 2011, is AMC Stubs.

The Initiative

To replace the former loyalty efforts, AMC started from scratch and built the new program from the ground up. AMC Stubs focused on strengthening the emotional connection of the movie-going experience while providing a new rewards structure to recognize every dollar guests spend at the theater. Online ticket purchase fees are waived and members receive a free upgrade on fountain drinks and popcorn. In addition, the program provides a $10 virtual reward for every $100 spent at participating AMC Theatres, which can be redeemed nearly anywhere in the theater.

AMC Stubs also offers the Online Ticket Stub Collection, which allows cardholders to buy movie tickets and add the virtual stubs to a personal archive, allowing members to catalog their film experiences.

AMC offered discounted memberships to the most valuable members of its old MovieWatcher program. AMC takes an omni-channel approach in both recruitment and retention, leveraging digital communication as well as in-theatre promotions. Member receive rewards and offer notifications by SMS through the program website or mobile app, and receive up to 10 text messages a month from AMC Stubs. Social networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Results

Since launching in March 2011, AMC Stubs has experienced continuing growth and member engagement. Members account for 20% to 25% of AMC’s total sales, and research indicates members attend movies more often and spend more than non-members. AMC plans to continue investing in and growing AMC Stubs as it becomes a more important part of the business.