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ARF - Thought Leadership Series

Date: 1/22/2013

Title: Converting Sales and Customer Data to Currency – How to Monetize this Your Most Valuable Asset


Venue: ARF - 432 Park Avenue South, 6th floor

Location: New York, NY

Faculty: Adam Horowitz, Graeme McVie

Converting Sales and Customer Data to Currency – How to Monetize this Your Most Valuable Asset

These days, the best-selling product a retailer owns might not be on its shelves, but in its sales and customer data. Monetizing or reselling sales and loyalty card data can open doors not only to new revenue streams, but also to a supplier's valuable analytical resources. Selling that information, however, is not so simple as slapping a price tag on a data point. It is as complex, and varying, as a merchandising or marketing strategy customer segmentation and product assortment.

In this session, experts with Precima, A Loyalty One Solution, will share the most effective strategies for reselling sales and loyalty card data to suppliers and then gaining access to supplier resources, such as category managers and analysts. Using their own client examples, our experts will answer questions about how to price the data and show the best ways to collaborate with suppliers to make better-informed, business-growing decisions.

In this session, learn:
• New strategies on how to package and price and position data for resale
• Negotiating a data exchange that enables you to grow the business through gained, supplier resources
• The best ways to use the data, collaboratively, for merchandising decisions, business planning and partnerships
• Formulas for determining pricing for different data sets