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Lancôme Launches New Loyalty Program


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Lancome, the luxury cosmetics company, has launched Elite Rewards, a program designed to increase customer acquisition and retention, with an emphasis on social media and content promotion.

Alessio Rossi, vice president of digital marketing at Lancome, said that the program is also designed to reach ambitious customer relationship management goals.

"We're pushing harder on customer acquisition and retention," Rossi said in a press release. "We thought we could not achieve it with anything else. Lancome has been very innovative and is an extremely data-driven company, but we saw a limit with traditional CRM."

The free-to-join program allows customers to earn points by buying products and engaging with Lancome USA through social media channels, with consumers earning more points for social media than for shopping. Members earn 10 points per dollar spent; 25 points for sharing products on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and 50 points when they connect with the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Foursquare. Points can also be earned for watching makeup tutorials on or checking in at events via Foursquare.

"We didn't want to just throw another promotion or discount. Instead, it's a bi-directional communications channel with consumers to understand them better, collect information about how they go through the decision-making journey, providing more insights so ultimately we can provide an even more personalized experience," Rossi said.

Lancome worked with 1to1 Loyalty, the loyalty division of ad agency Olson, and loyalty platform provider CrowdTwist, to produce the program.

Source: Lancome